Adelaide City FC banning fans over homophobic abuse

Adelaide City FC zebras
Image: Adelaide City FC Facebook

Adelaide City FC chairman Greg Griffin yesterday called out fans of the soccer club over homophobic abuse directed at other teams. He also said the Zebras would ban some supporters from entering the stadium from today.

The Zebras chairman made the comments in a statement on the club’s Facebook page. He said that the conduct of some club supporters ranged from inappropriate to disgraceful. And he reminded fans that the Football South Australia Code of Conduct held the club responsible for the behaviour of its supporters.

“Unless fans and spectators are prepared to comply with the FSA Codes which Adelaide City embraces without question, then to be blunt you are no longer welcome here.”

The chairman also described recent behaviour as insulting to other clubs that visited to play against the Zebras.

“I regret to say that each of the visiting Campbelltown and Cumberland players that have come to Oakden this season have been subjected to disgraceful abuse.”

Foul-mouthed supporters

The statement went on to say that homophobic abuse cost the club family support.

“Every time some foul-mouthed supporter screams homophobic and offensive comments at an opposing player, the less likely the parents are to bring their children back the next week. The future of this club is with our juniors and their families. They are the lifeblood of the club.”

Most commenters on the post congratulated Greg Griffin on taking a stand.

“Love seeing a proper stand taken against this issue,” said one supporter. “Well done and hope the message gets through.”

Homophobic abuse of out player Josh Cavallo has resulted in increased scrutiny by governing bodies recentl. Football Australia fined the Melbourne Victory $5,000 earlier this year over abuse directed at Cavallo.

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1 Comment

  1. Peter Turner
    14 March 2022

    Let’s call it “hate speech” for that is what these homophobic rants truly are.

    At last the clubs are starting to realise that the World has moved on. They should have been tackling this issue many years ago.

    And we wonder why other professional sports players don’t come out. Why the hell would they when they have to put up with this behaviour?

    Why is it only the male players who cop this abuse? Lesbians in sport suffer far less. We even have their relationships celebrated in MSM.

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