Jackie O and Kyle Sandilands are seldom far from controversy.
This time it’s breakfast radio co-host Jackie O in the firing line after a jibe aimed at US singer/songwriter Adam Lambert perpetuating gay stereotypes fell flat.
She implied that Lambert could pursue a relationship with singer Ricky Martin since the two are single and gay.
Lambert wasn’t amused.
“Don’t do that, you’re not allowed to do that,” he said. “That’s so silly … ‘Oh a gay guy and another gay guy, oh you must date’, come on.”
Jackie O tried to defend herself saying, “no there’s more to it than that”.
“Is there?” questioned Lambert.   @adamlambert
Attempting to justify her comments, Jackie O said: “You’re both in the industry, you both understand each other’s schedule, you’re both hot … it would work.”
“Well that’s very sweet,” was Lambert’s laconic reply.
Guest host radio personality Chrissie Swan knew exactly how Lambert felt, comparing the remark to when people say she should date older, fatter men because the two are “similar”.
Lambert stuck around on the radio show to field questions from listeners, and to lambaste Prime Minster Tony Abbott for not accepting gay marriage.
“Come on dude, get with the picture,” he said.
“I’m sure it (gay marriage) will happen. I’ve always thought of Australia as such a progressive place, so liberal.
“The attitudes here from what I have experienced towards anybody who’s alternative with their sexuality or lifestyle seems pretty open. So I’m sure it will come around soon.”
It’s not the first time Jackie O has made a faux pas regarding gay issues.
In 2012 she was criticised by gay rights activists, who accused her of homophobia after she complained on air that she no longer liked her middle name, Ellen, because it “sounds a bit lez” – an apparent reference to US comedian Ellen DeGeneres.
Lambert, who rose to fame as runner-up on American Idol in 2009, is in Australia to promote his new album The Original High and upcoming tour of the same name, which will kick off in January.

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