Adam Lambert blasts ‘miserable’ trolls targeting boyfriend Oliver

Publicity photo of Adam Lambert
Image: Joseph Sinclair

Adam Lambert has expertly taken down trolls who hurled homophobic abuse at his boyfriend Oliver over photos of the pair together on a night out.

The US singer-songwriter went out with his partner, Oliver Gliese, in the Los Angeles gaybourhood West Hollywood.

“Oli and I had a fun night out! Rare to encounter paps in WEHO — so retro. Haha,” Adam began in an Instagram Story.

“Lifts my spirits to see support in the comments. Also appalled to see the obnoxious homophobia and ignorance plaguing people [right now].

“Oli identifies as a he. He has wicked style and refuses to conform to the societal norms regarding his fashion choices. He is beautiful and brave, and daring.

“He’s a leader, not a follower. One of the many things I love about him!”

The Queen frontman continued, “We are very happy together, and if the haters don’t like it, we don’t really give a f__k. Grow up and challenge yourself to explore tolerance.

“We are all just trying to stay happy and fulfilled with our lives. Chances are, if you’re busy trolling us online, you’re miserable in your own life and can’t deal [with] your issues.”


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Oliver Gliese says comments sections are ‘disgusting’

Adam Lambert and Oliver Gliese went public with their relationship in 2020.

This week, Oliver also shared his man’s passionate Instagram Story and also said online vitriol can have devastating impacts on people.

“Let’s just highlight how disgusting people are in comments sections,” he said.

“And then we can all ask ourselves why people in the spotlight end their life too soon, are on antidepressants, have low self-esteem, dieting etc. Kindness never killed anyone!”

He added, “Also, I’m not dressing like a girl, nor do I identify as a girl. I identify as a man, I just happen to have great legs I wanna show and love makeup!

“I’m also a man who can’t fit a lot of menswear because I’m too small, AND menswear are sooooo boring often.”

Oliver also added, “Thank you for people who see and respect me as me. Thank you for respecting me and my partner. Thank you for sharing love and not hate online.”


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  1. Michael
    8 August 2023

    You tell’em Adam! Just how do we get to “the Age of Reason” as our immortal John Farnham has been encouraging since about 1987-1989+. No doubt a great deal of jealousy is mixed in with all these determined haters. Mouthing Off they’re nasty OFF!!! nonsense! Their delusional minds, are convincing themselves it is improving their own lives in some way. Oliver is clearly a Dear Soul, as is his Starchild singer superstar. Dearly well aware of their fortunate lives they are sharing with each other. Doesn’t mean they are made of stone and deserve that unkind of mistreatment! It never seems to occur to these people, {even when they choose a target with a name eg; superstar singer Adam Lambert & his Boyfriend} are going to be very much cancelled out via the volume of defence that will automatically receive via loyal loving fan base Worldwide!!?!!? Still so lousy this crap continues. For those that do not have the benefit of a Passionate Cheer Squad, experiencing same kind of targeted harassment will never receive even minimum level base assistance, because they are aware of how little to minus zero defence will be forthcoming. So they go on, suffocating in their silence, unaware some degree of support is in fact reliably & sincerely available to access, somewhere, so THEY can avoid permanent solutions. That many ultimately choose to finally extinguish that unbearable disregarded pain.

  2. Michael
    9 August 2023

    You tell’em Adam! WOW! These dingbats, cannot even find any perception, that choosing to target the boyfriend of a Superstar Singer, [that is well known & loved worldwide] is not going to outweigh, nor override his eager loyal fan’s. With an automatic degree of defence they’ll deserve to be buried under from having the shear nerve of their entitled choice to be horrible hater. It is for those that don’t have a ready made Cheer Squad, barely enduring the same mistreatment, this ugly behaviour needs to be called out for. With those it is gravely affecting directed to & sincerely offered real assistance in standing up tall against the worst possible consequences, if ignored!!

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