Adam Hills divides viewers with parody song about Qatar gay executions

Adam Hills The Last Leg performs parody song about Qatar gay executions
Image: Channel 4

Adam Hills’ UK comedy show The Last Leg has aired a satirical World Cup song reference queer people being executed in Qatar and people have thoughts.

On Friday night in the UK, the comedy panel program aired their satirical World Cup anthem, ahead of the opening of the tournament in the Gulf nation.

With rainbow flags held up in the background, the musical number referenced the persecution of gay people in Qatar to the tune of 1990s British football anthem Three Lions.

The Last Leg‘s closing song came after a discussion earlier in the episode calling out both FIFA and Qatar’s appalling human rights record.

Qatar criminalises homosexuality and has also been criticised on women’s rights and reported mistreatment and deaths of migrant workers.

Same-sex relationships in Qatar are illegal and punishable by up to seven years in prison.

In the song, The Last Leg‘s presenters replaced the original Three Lions footy song’s chant of “It’s coming home, it’s coming” with “It’s becoming homophobic”.

Host Adam Hills sang during the number, “Everyone seems to know the score, but we just can’t ignore dead workers on the floor.”

And later, he and Jess Robinson sing, “So many jokes, so many sneers, but they’ll jail you if you’re queer, and we’ve known it for 12 years.

“But in Qatar if Alan Carr toured and was joined by Boy George and then even RuPaul, they could end up three heads on a spike. Meanwhile Beckham’s grinning.”

The parody song was removed from the Australian broadcast of the episode on the ABC on Tuesday night.

But after England won their first match against Iran on Monday, The Last Leg account shared the full clip of the song to Twitter. The post is geoblocked in Australia.

Viewers divided over ‘unhinged’ and ‘grim’ musical number

But The Last Leg viewers were left divided over the musical number, with some left shocked as others said the song’s satirical intent missed the mark.

“This is NOT the serve you think it is @TheLastLeg, in fact it’s grim AF,” one British viewer wrote.

“Singing about gay people getting beheaded is f___ing unhinged, even for UK telly,” another person wrote in response to the clip.

“Definitely not sure gleefully singing about LGBTQ+ people being beheaded is quite it,” somebody else wrote.

But one British viewer wrote in defence of the show, “People offended by this are completely missing the point.

“It’s poking fun at the ridiculousness of our country getting behind something so shameful as this year’s World Cup.”

However It’s A Sin actor Nathaniel J Hall called out the subsequent sharing of the clip after the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Colorado at the weekend.

“Jauntily singing graphic descriptions of violence against queer people is not the hot take you think it is,” he wrote.

“Allyship is welcome, but this is so far off the mark it’s untrue. Especially in light of the Club Q shooting in America.”

Adams Hills reacted to the backlash, tweeting, “I’m sorry. This song was intended to be a protest at the World Cup being held in Qatar where it is illegal to be gay.”

The Australian presenter went on to explain that the musical number “was filmed and aired before the horrific shooting in America”.

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