Ad Watchdog Says Wicked Campers Slogan Offensive To Trans Women

Australian rental van company Wicked Campers has had one of its vehicles banned by the ad watchdog because its painted slogan was deemed humiliating to transgender women.

The slogan was on one of the company’s vans registered in Queensland and read, “You’re not a woman until humans come out of your vagina and trample on your dreams.”

A complaint to Ad Standards said the van was “offensive, degrading and just not right.”

In response, Ad Standard said the ad vilifies women as it implies a female is not a woman until she has had a child by vaginal birth.

The van is “humiliating to women, including those that have had a caesarean delivery, do not have children, are unable to have children, or are transgender,” the board said in its determination.

In 2017, the Queensland Government passed legislation targeting the controversial company giving operators 14 days to remove inappropriate words or pictures from vehicles, or face having them deregistered.

Wicked Campers did not provide a response to the watchdog about the complaint, Ad Standards said, and the watchdog was now working with the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Wicked Campers is notorious for its slogans and in 2017 became the first brand to be subject to 100 different complaint investigations by Ad Standards, Mumbrella reported at the time.

Over 70 of the complaints against the company were upheld by the watchdog, with most relating to misogynistic, racist or homophobic jokes and slogans, along with the use of extreme language on its vehicles.


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