Ad supporting Putin turns out a great big homophobic fail

great big homophobic fail vladimir putin
Image: Youtube

An ad in support of constitutional amendments that will enable Vladimir Putin to remain Russian president until 2036 proved a great big homophobic fail this week.

The ad, paid for by allies of the Russian despot, portrays a supposed consequence of not supporting the amendments. In a scene meant to strike terror into the hearts of ‘patriot’ Russians, a man is shown collecting a child from an orphanage. However, to the horror of the child, when he asks where his new mummy is, he is shown his new father’s effeminate male partner. The ‘mummy’ then produces a dress in a child’s size, obviously intended for the boy.

“Is this the Russia you choose?” the ad asks.

“Decide our future, vote for the Constitutional changes.”

Sorry, Vladimir Putin, #ДаВыберу

YouTube initially took the video down for violating the platform’s policy on hate speech. However, it has since been reposted a number of times.

And… the video backfired. Within a day of its release, the number one trending hashtag on Twitter in Russia became #ДаВыберу [Yes, I choose].

Then, Russian artists decided to answer propaganda with talent. Russian Twitter is now awash with fanart of happy same-sex families.

The infamous Wendy’s Soviet Fashion Show ad

While it bears little relation to this story other than the country, we can’t pass up the opportunity to post this splendid Wendy’s ad from 1985. Despite some finding the ad offensive, it did present a fairly accurate if satirical picture of the ‘choices’ available to citizens of the Soviet Union at the time.

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