ACL’s Lyle Shelton: Most Gay Couples Don’t Even Want Marriage

Lyle Shelton

Australian Christian Lobby director Lyle Shelton has claimed gay couples aren’t interested in marriage and the same-sex marriage debate is instead about ulterior motives.

Shelton, one of the most prominent ‘No’ campaigners, told Sky News on Sunday: “I don’t think this debate has ever been about marriage.

“There’s about 47,000 same-sex couples in Australia as of the last census.

“Based on the overseas experience where marriage has been redefined in law, whether its Sweden or New Zealand or elsewhere, maybe five to ten percent of same-sex couples might want to get married. It’s a tiny percentage, of a tiny percentage of couples.”

Shelton said same-sex marriage was really about “changing the established order” of society, listing concerns about free speech, religious freedom, gender and education.

“It’s about forever changing our understanding of free speech… changing our understanding of gender, and what it means to be male and female,” Shelton said.

“This has nothing to do with marriage.”

Alex Greenwich from Australian Marriage Equality also spoke on the program and agreed Lyle Shelton and the ACL hardly ever talk about marriage in their campaign.

“For Lyle, this debate has never been about marriage; he rarely even talks about it,” he said.

“For us, this has always been about marriage.

“Marriage is a fundamental celebration of love and commitment and it’s something that should be afforded to every Australian.”

Voters have until 6pm this Thursday (August 24) to update their electoral details in order to ensure they receive a ballot for the postal survey on the issue.

A new poll has suggested two-thirds of voters say they will participate in the vote.

The Newspoll results published by The Australian newspaper on Monday found 67 per cent of respondents “definitely will” vote in survey, set to take place next month pending the result of a High Court challange.

Another fifteen per cent of the respondents said they “probably” will fill out the survey form, while just three per cent reported plans to abstain.

Support for same-sex marriage remains at 63 per cent of respondents saying they would vote ‘Yes’.

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