ACL unhappy with religious discrimination bill

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Martyn Iles from the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) complained yesterday that the draft religious discrimination bill does not go far enough. Meanwhile Shelley Argent, national spokesperson for PFLAG says the bill “tells our children they are inferior.”

Iles wrote that the draft allowed the “crazy situation” where Rugby Australia could still sack Israel Folau.

“While on the surface the bill appears to deal with some significant issues, the devil is in the detail.

“Those details mean there is no robust protection for people such as Israel Folau or Archbishop of Hobart Julian Porteous.”

Iles also criticised the provision overriding the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Act as insufficient.

“Someone can still pursue a discrimination case if they feel harassed or vilified by a statement of belief.”

Iles indicated ACL’s intention to lobby for stronger laws.

“There is no doubt that the consultation process, especially with faith groups, has some way to go.

“We look forward to resolving these problems.”

“Onward Christian Soldiers”

Facebook followers of the Australian Christian Lobby were not as circumspect as Iles.

“Onward Christian Soldiers, marching as to war, With the cross of Jesus going on before,” posted Louise Sinclair-Smith.

Sing out, Louise!

Mark Williams wrote, “All was fine when churches had a say in laws. Only the past 40 odd years have swayed to other so-called religions and atheism.”

So much for ‘rendering unto Caesar’.

Blair Hughes-Cole warned, “The Illuminati has control of all things, run by the devil.”

And commenters made it clear they wanted laws to protect their own religion only.

“Because Christianity is the only one that can use Jesus authority to shut the devil dabbling of the other religions,” posted  Lee-Ann Crowley.

Shelley Argent, PFLAG on Religious Discrimination Bill

Shelley Argent, National spokesperson for Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays spoke out against the draft laws.

“We hear about the needs of the religious, but what about their freedoms and the negative impacts on those who they consider to be against God, Allah etc for their own reasons.

“We already have the privilege of religious freedom but now we will have religious discrimination.

“Shame on this government and anyone else who condones discrimination, especially in the name of God and who uses the Bible as a weapon of abuse.

“There is already enough abuse in churches. Just ask the ministers and priests already in jail. Now the government wants to legalize more abuse. Shame on them.

“The likes of Israel Folau will now have free rein with his words, health care will be able to be refused if health care practitioners do not agree with their lifestyle or needs.

“LGBTIQ people will be able to be ostracized and insulted by work colleagues because Christians will be permitted free speech which will amount to hate speech all in the name of religion.

“Worse still, the Commonwealth is planning on watering down State legislation that protects minorities from abuse and discrimination. What message does that give to our young people?”

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