ABC star claps back after Andrew Bolt drags comedy ‘Why Are You Like This’

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Andrew Bolt is apparently not a fan of irreverent ABC comedy series Why Are You Like This.

ABC put all episodes of the chaotic Gen Z comedy up on iView to stream a week ago. Presumably, Andrew Bolt was scrolling through sometime in the last 24 hours.

The right-wing commentator seems to have a problem with the new series’ third episode, titled “D*ck or P*ssy of Colour” (asterisks included).

In a 50-word Herald Sun column on Thursday, Bolt called the show “MORE ‘HIGH STANDARD’ PROGRAMMING FROM THE ABC”.

“This is the law under which the ABC operates: The functions of the Corporation are… to provide… services of a high standard… to provide… broadcasting programs that contribute to a sense of national identity,” he wrote.

“This is ABC TV’s new contribution: ‘D*ck or P*ssy of Colour.’ Your taxes.”

Naomi Higgins, who co-created the show and also plays Penny, screenshotted Andrew Bolt’s short, sharp sarcastic piece and posted it to Instagram.

“‘D*ck or P*ssy of Colour’ was written by yours truly and airs on @abctv tonight! I love my ABC!!!!!!!” she wrote.


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Why Are You Like This is streaming on ABC iView

The comedy series Why Are You Like This started on ABC last week. All episodes are also available now on iView.

In the series, Mia, Penny (both pictured above) and Austin are storming through their twenties in Melbourne. They’re barely coping with adulthood, money struggles, and dreams that seem unachievable.

The well-intentioned but misguided trio follow their own moral codes as they navigate identity politics and woke culture.

Mia (Oliveer Junkeer) is a bi, South Asian woman who milks her identity for all it’s worth. Penny (Naomi Higgins) is on a quest to be the ultimate ally to Mia.

And Penny’s gay housemate Austin (Wil King) is a dramatic, aloof artist with a burgeoning drag career.

A team of Aussie talents including Get Krackin’ writer Naomi Higgins, Humyara Mahbub and Aunty Donna performer Mark Bonnano created the series.

Why Are You Like This has also attracted the attention of Netflix, which is distributing it overseas.

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