ABC aired full-frontal nudity and has anyone checked on Andrew Bolt?

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There was full-frontal male nudity on this week’s episode of Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell on ABC, but it makes total sense in context, we promise.

Comedian Shaun Micallef hosts the satirical current affairs show on ABC. The moment came as Micallef was interviewing comedian Francis Greenslade in character.

The pair were having a bleep-filled discussion of Australia’s strict defamation laws.

Micallef then asked if they could discuss the ABC’s own rules on censorship. However before Greenslade could answer, there was a knock at the door behind them.

Then a totally naked man enters and tells the comedians that ABC chair Ita Buttrose “wants to wind the segment up now” before leaving.


“Did I just see a naked man on #madashell?” one person tweeted in disbelief.

“Full frontal male nudity on #madashell tonight. Disgusting. Also on iView to watch at your leisure,” another joked.

The Mad As Hell episode, which screened at 8:30pm came with an M-rating and a warning for nudity and coarse language.

The ABC states in its policies that nudity in an M-rated program should “not be prolonged” and should not “contain any gratuitous detail”.

Andrew Bolt blasts ABC comedy show for episode title

Earlier this year, conservative commentator Andrew Bolt took aim at the ABC’s Gen Z comedy series Why Are You Like This over one of its episode titles.

The right-wing commentator seems to have a problem with the new series’ third episode, titled “D*ck or P*ssy of Colour” (asterisks included).

In a 50-word Herald Sun column on Thursday, Bolt called the show “MORE ‘HIGH STANDARD’ PROGRAMMING FROM THE ABC” (his capitals).

“This is the law under which the ABC operates: The functions of the Corporation are… to provide… services of a high standard… to provide… broadcasting programs that contribute to a sense of national identity,” he wrote.

“This is ABC TV’s new contribution: ‘D*ck or P*ssy of Colour.’ Your taxes.”

Naomi Higgins, who co-created the show and also plays Penny, responded. She screenshotted Andrew Bolt’s short, sharp piece and posted it to her Instagram to promote the show.

“I love my ABC!!!!!!!” she wrote.

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