Tony Abbott is being bombarded with wedding invitations from same-sex couples.

Pink News reports that so far the Prime Minister’s schedule looks very busy – with more than 50 couples promising to invite him to their weddings if he allows marriage equality to pass.


Mr Abbott has long opposed same-sex marriage, but many within his party have indicated they would back the bill if they are allowed to vote with their consciences later this month.

The website Invite Tony helps couples write to the leader with wedding invites, as the country waits for him to decide if he will permit same-sex marriage to pass.

It reads: “This month, Prime Minister Tony Abbott will decide if his party can have a conscience vote on marriage equality.

So to show that there are no hard feelings, and to prove just how serious you are, why not set a date for your big day or join a guest list, and we’ll send a save the date card to Tony on your behalf, inviting him to come along and support marriage equality.”

One of the couples hoping to marry is Justine Moss and Romy Calati – who are parents to seven-month-old son Edmund, but aren’t legally recognised as spouses.

Ms Moss told Buzzfeed: “I’m not too concerned if he (Abbott) doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage, but he should be allowing his party to have a conscience vote

I want to see change for Edmund. So he sees that our family is no different to any other family. He is just as important with two mums as he would be with a mother and a father.

It’s mainly for him that I want to see same-sex marriage legalised. So he sees that our family is legitimate.”