A Taste of the Granite Belt in a glass: Tobin Wines

tobin wines granite belt

Tobin Wines express their origins in the rugged and majestic landscape of the Granite Belt.

Adrian Tobin says, “No winemaker is gifted enough to make those wonderful flavours & aromas — all of the work happens out there, in the vineyard”

Tobin Wines don’t just make wine. They grow Premium, Limited-Edition, Hand-Crafted wines.

At Tobin Wines, Adrian talks about growing rather than making the wine.

He describes his winemaking philosophy as ‘undeniably old world’. He pays all respect to the vineyard, the vine, and the pursuit of perfection in grape quality. So, little — if any — reverence paid to the winemaker or winemaking process. The spotlight shines on each grape variety every one thus given the opportunity to truly reveal its own unique flavour. Indeed, Tobin Wines believe in the French concept of terroir — a sense of place where the grapes grow.

Temperature, humidity, sunlight, wind, rainfall, aspect, and soil type — the combination of factors responsible for the wonderful flavour characteristics inherent in a particular patch
of grapes. Within a single vineyard, these characters change from year to year, depending on the seasons.

Adrian says the Granite Belt enjoys an enviable range of wine-making advantages.

“No other wine growing region in Australia has what we have in terms of geography, topography, altitude and climate… It’s this combination which produces wine of such high character and quality.”

Call in at the cellar door from 10 am till 5 pm 7 days a week or visit the website to enjoy the Premium, Limited-Edition, Hand-Crafted wines.

tobin wines granite belt

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