A Pokémon Go Player Has Trolled The Westboro Baptist Church

Pokemon Go User Trolls WBC - Screenshot

The sick homophobes from the Westboro Baptist Church have been trolled by a user of the smash hit mobile phone game Pokémon Go.

For the uninitiated, the addictive new game, which is based on the popular Japanese video game series, sends each player on a quest around their own neighbourhood to collect virtual creatures called Pokemon. Some notable areas in each neighbourhood are designated as Pokémon “gyms”.


Unfortunately, the Westboro Baptist Church has been designated as a gym, but some US players have discovered that one player has staked a claim in the WBC’s location with the pink Pokémon Clefairy, named “Loveislove”.

Pokémon Go was released last week for Apple and Android devices in a handful of countries and it soared straight to No. 1 on app store charts and hijacked all of your social media feeds.

More than 2300 local players have RSVP’d to a meetup event at the Botanic Gardens in Brisbane this Saturday.