Gay Surrogacy

In a welcome development, especially for LGBT couples, an all-party federal parliament committee has unanimously recommended that there be a parliamentary inquiry into surrogacy.

Surrogacy laws currently differ greatly from state to state and in many instances discriminate against LGBT couples and singles.
The House of Representatives select committee on social policy and legal affairs, chaired by George Christensen (LNP) from Mackay, called for there to be a parliamentary inquiry into all aspects of surrogacy, both domestic and international.

The Committee said:

“The desire to be a parent is one that is felt by people of all backgrounds,
genders and cultures, and particularly, the desire to be a biological parent.

As society evolves, so too does the longstanding definition of what makes
a family and how a family is formed. Unfortunately, there are many circumstances that can hinder a person’s ability to fulfil this desire.

“It is reported that one in six Australian couples have issues relating to infertility. With advances in modern science and Assisted Reproductive Technologies, surrogacy is becoming an increasingly widespread means of family formation for those who wish to have children. However in Australia, jurisdictional disparities and discrimination in surrogacy legislation , and the availability of information on surrogacy ,can mean that many Australians choose to seek surrogacy arrangements overseas.”

It is hoped that a review will remove discrimination against singles in the ACT, singles and LGBT couples in SA and against single men and gay couples in WA. Queensland does not discriminate.



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