A Gay Parents Guide To Shopping For Baby Needs

Gay Parents

Congratulations on becoming gay parents!

The established right of same-sex couples to get married comes with other civil rights such as joint ownership of property and, undoubtedly the most exciting one, joint parenthood!

Parenthood for gay couples can either be through adoption or surrogacy with the help of an egg donor.

The arrival of a bundle of joy in your life would naturally entail a whole lot of shopping for baby essentials.

No matter how happy you are because of your little one, you may also be overwhelmed by all of the baby products you’ll come across and the ads left and right telling you that you need to buy every single item.

It, therefore, pays to be practical by looking for product deals in online catalogues such as I Like Sales.

Possibly browsing the clearance section, and focusing on what your baby needs instead of what you think would be nice for them to have.

You can further ease your shopping woes with this straightforward guide to searching for and purchasing your baby’s needs.

Set Up A Baby Registry

Any parent can benefit from having a baby registry.

If you know that your friends are looking to host a baby shower for you, you can prepare for your little one’s needs by creating a registry indicating some of the baby items you prefer to receive.

Using a baby registry is a practical way to reduce the number of things you still have to buy. Adoption and surrogacy are rather expensive procedures in countries where they’re recognized, so if you’ve gone through either process to have a baby, it’s understandable that your financial resources may be quite limited afterwards. Also, you’d have to start saving up again for the daily costs of raising your child.

Your friends and family members who’ll be there to celebrate with you would surely be more than willing to help you out with your baby expenses. So there’s no reason to shy away from having a registry. If anything, it’ll give your loved one’s peace of mind because they don’t have to think about what they’re going to get for your baby.

Buy Bottles And Formula

For lesbian parents, since either of them can get pregnant after finding a sperm donor, breastfeeding won’t be a problem (though of course there are lesbian couples who prefer to adopt). Since your setup is different, the option to breastfeed your child may not always be present, and there’s nothing wrong with that. There are ways for you to feed your baby so they can be happy and healthy.

It’s possible for the surrogate mother to provide breastmilk. However, pumping requires hard work, and it’d entail extra fees on your end. So if that’s not something you and your partner can accommodate financially, or if you adopted your child, you need to add feeding essentials to your shopping list. This means buying baby formula, bottles and nipples, and a sterilizer, to name a few.

Here are a couple of tips regarding shopping for such items:

  • Don’t buy big sets of baby bottles since even if a specific brand may come highly recommended, you can’t be sure if your little one will like it. Babies have preferences, too, so buy one bottle at a time and see what works for your child before buying more.
  • The previous advice also applies to baby formula. It’s best to consult your doctor as to what their recommended milk is. If your baby has certain conditions such as a sensitive tummy, then you may need to buy a special kind of formula.

Start With The Essentials First

While you may want to go on a major shopping spree and buy every nice thing you see for your baby, this might not be the best route to take for many new parents. And even if you have a large budget, it’s advisable to be as practical as possible so you can use the money you save for emergencies.

When you know what the essentials are, you can concentrate on getting those first. Then, once you’ve purchased the most important items and you still have some cash to spare, that’s when you can get baby items that are more of a luxury rather than a necessity.

These are the baby essentials you shouldn’t go without:

  • Crib or co-sleeper
  • Baby linens like sheets and receiving blankets
  • Other feeding essentials not yet mentioned like a drying rack, baby bottle cleaner and brush, and burp cloth
  • Hygiene and bath products like baby wash or soap, a towel, and a baby tub
  • Baby clothes
  • Babyproofing gear, which you can get later at four months when the baby starts to move around more
  • Feeding tools such as spoons, bowls, and bibs you can get at six months when your baby starts eating solid food


For first-time gay parents, especially those who are part of the LGBTQA+ community, the arrival of a new baby is an unforgettable, joyous event. However, it can also be daunting. Even if you want to shower your baby with the best of everything, after going through the process of adoption or surrogacy, you may have to be more practical about purchasing items your little one would need from day today.

As you know by now, you don’t need to get every baby item on the market, nor do you need to buy all the essentials at once. Take it one shopping trip at a time, and enjoy the process of preparing your home for the arrival of your little one together with your partner.


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