Six Ways To Achieve A Picture-Perfect Smile

Picture-Perfect Smile tooth A beautiful young woman smiling outdoors.
Picture-Perfect Smile

A picture-perfect smile is what everyone wants to achieve, especially when taking a photo. You want a camera-ready smile for instant photo sharing and selfies. The way you smile can show whether you’re confident or not. If you’re confident, your picture will look fantastic and vice versa. Unsure how to do it? Try the following tips to have a picture-perfect smile:

Don’t Forget Routine Dental Check-Ups

The best way to have and retain a picture-perfect smile is by having healthy, clean teeth. Your smile may not reach its full potential if your teeth aren’t visually pleasing. That’s why keeping your dental health at its finest is still the key to having that picture-perfect smile. 

Don’t skip brushing and flossing your teeth regularly. Most importantly, you shouldn’t skip dental check-ups and cleanings twice a year to ensure your teeth are healthy and free of cavities. Keep in mind that periodic dental cleanings also prevent gum problems, tooth loss, and teeth discoloration due to stains. 

During these check-ups, your dentist will examine if your oral health is in excellent condition. In case it’s not, they’ll offer you the best treatment and advice for you to take. Sources state that you may need to undergo dental implant solutions in case you need to replace all your teeth. 

That may seem the best option if your teeth have been decayed and aren’t salvageable anymore. Instead of trying to save them, it may be a better option to have dental implants so you can still have a quality life and a perfect smile.

Avoid Grinning Like Joker

You may want to avoid a ‘joker grin’ if you aim to have a genuine and relaxed smile. A smile may seem unpleasant and forced if you reveal all of your teeth and flash an overwhelming beam. It doesn’t make a favorable impression on other people and you might not appear attractive in photos. Thus, try to be as natural as possible. Don’t force a smile, and be yourself, as simple as that.

Place The Camera Above Your Eyes 

Your smile can look more flattering when you slightly raise the camera. Avid video chatters and Zoom callers recommend this technique to make your appearance more flattering. It should be slightly above your eyes and parallel with your hairline. Apply this technique when taking photo ops and selfies to capture a more professional and polished look. 

Always remember to keep the camera high and not below your eye line. When you apply the latter, the focus will just be on your chin and nose rather than your entire face. And that may not be good when you’re after showing off your beautiful smile.

Think Happy Thoughts

Another way to show off a beautiful smile is to think about what makes you happy. You can naturally smile with your eyes by pretending to be smiling at someone you love. You may also want to think back on times when you felt delighted and excited. This trick can help a photographer capture your genuine smile, which is hard when you’re formal and stiff. Thinking about things, memories, or people that make you happy will boost your mood, which will also affect your facial expression. 


Picture-Perfect Smile smiling
Achieve A Picture-Perfect Smile

Wear A Lipstick

The truth is, having straight teeth can help you smile your best, but sometimes all it takes is the right lipstick shade. This may seem simple, but it’s a great approach to achieving a beautiful smile. Hence, it’s vital to wear a shade that can make your teeth look better. 

If you want to keep your teeth from looking less white and dull, steer away from matte formulas and dark colours.

Instead, wear nude lipstick or light pink colors so your teeth will look whiter, which could help enhance your smile.

Smile With Your Eyes

Your mouth isn’t the only one responsible for a beautiful smile, but your entire face. It means your eyes should be squinting, corners of your lips moving, and cheeks lifting so you can create a genuine smile. Thus, it may be best to wrinkle the outer corners of your eyes to flash your authentic, best smile. 

If it can make your smile look better, try to narrow your eyes. Sometimes, widening your eyes too much may not help as it can make you appear unapproachable or fearful. You’ll know you’re doing it right when the muscles near your temples rise. 


Having a picture-perfect smile is easy when you know what you need to consider. Although the simple tricks will show you how to flash a beautiful smile, caring for your dental health must be your priority. That way, you can smile knowing that your teeth and gums are healthy.

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