5G, Microchips & Blood clots – Oh my! Doc Q on vaccination

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Have you had your COVID-19 jab yet? If you haven’t then you’ve probably got some questions, and rather than watching a dodgy internet news show about vaccination or waiting for another announcement by Scotty from Marketing, why not ask DocQ!

Dr Rhys Young is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and has a special interest in LGBTQ+ individual & family health. He believes in the importance of good sexual health, STI screening & prevention, including PrEP prescribing

Ughh, can we stop talking about COVID-19!?

I f___ing wish. Unfortunately, COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. One thing that might help life go back to normal is if we can get as many people as possible vaccinated. The sooner we all get vaccinated, the sooner we can reach herd immunity and Mardi Gras can go back to Oxford St.

Which vaccine is best for me?

Currently, we have the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines in Australia. Which one you get will depend on recommendations from ATAGI (a group of super-smart Aussie doctors, nurses & scientists that give advice to the government about vaccine safety). Our strategy in Australia is to get those at the highest risk vaccinated first. This means we have to prioritise certain vaccines for certain populations.

In times like these, we can’t be picky. Imagine you’re at a club and ATAGI is the DJ. ATAGI may get to choose the songs but you get to choose if you want to get up and dance. Depending on your personal situation, you probably won’t get a choice between vaccines. So rather than waiting for the DJ to play the specific song you want, we all just need to get dancing!

OK, so when can I get jabbed?

First things first, no one will notify you when your turn for the COVID-19 jab rolls around! You might hear it on the news, but unless you take control, you’ll get to 2025 without a vaccine! The easiest way to see when you’re due is to search for and complete the COVID Vaccine Eligibility Checker.

Once you’re eligible you will be able to book in for your vaccination! You can either do this with a GP or at a local vaccination hub. If you used the COVID Vaccine Eligibility Checker, it will then give you a list of local clinics to get the vaccine. Book in for your COVID-19 jab!

I heard this podcast…

Watch out for people spreading crazy rumours about the vaccine. I’ve heard about the vaccine implanting a microchip, connecting you to the internet and even turning you gay. I mean, that last one would be great… Can you imagine if every bar was a gay bar? Sadly, people who spread these rumours are doing a lot of damage. If you’ve found yourself in a YouTube rabbit hole, remember you can always check in with your GP – we’re here to help!

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Dr Rhys Young

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