$4,000,000 taxpayer funds for ‘God Hates Homosexuals’ school

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A Queensland boy’s school which uses a sex education handbook that asks students to consider whether “God hates homosexuals’, received over $4 million in taxpayer funding in 2018, the last year for which figures are available.

The Teen Sex By The Book handbook by Belinda Elliot provides class exercises based on excerpts from Patricia Weerakoon’s Teen Sex By The Book.

God hates homosexuals… an ungodly lifestyle

In the handbook, Elliot asks students to consider whether “God hates homosexuals”.  Students then answer questions on ‘case studies’ apparently invented by Weerakoon.

“At 15, I started ‘dating’ older girls outside of school and discovered that I was actually a lesbian. But then at 16, I became a Christian and I knew that God didn’t want me to live this way.”

The book portrays people who ‘struggle with sexual sin’  including trans people as deserving compassion but that “doesn’t mean approval and definitely not celebration of an ungodly lifestyle.”

Deanne Carson

Deanne Carson is a leading Australian sexuality educator.  In 2015, during an earlier controversy involving the book, she reviewed Teen Sex By The Book for the parent-run lobby group Fairness in Religions in Schools. The group was then attempting to stop the use of the book in NSW schools.

Deanne Carson recommended that schools stop using the book immediately.

“STIs, heartbreak, regret, shame and sexual violence are portrayed as inevitable outcomes of premarital sex and are to be avoided at all costs…

“When discussing anal sex, an entire page of risks is given in the teacher’s manual without any advice on safer practices for anal sex…

“The TSBTB [Teen Sex By The Book] curriculum does not offer fact-based information on contraception, birth control, STIs, or consent. These are essential elements of a comprehensive sexuality education program.”

Moreton Bay Boys’ College

Moreton Bay Boys’ College charges $13,670 for a year’s tuition of a Year 10 student in 2020. Parents of new students must also pay a $250 non-refundable application fee and an $850 non-refundable confirmation fee. School camps, club sport participation and extra-curricula activities attract additional charges. The school also encourages parents to contribute to the College Building Fund. The school website suggests a payment of $175 per family per term.

Over $4 million from government

Additionally, the school benefits from taxpayer assistance. Moreton Bay Boys’ College last lodged an Annual Information Statement with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission in 2019. The statement shows the school received $4,021,571 in government funding between January and December 2018. That funding certainly came in handy with the school showing a nearly $2 million surplus for the year.

In July 2020, parents of students at the Moreton Bay College for girls, which shares a joint board, complained to the Courier-Mail about a $10.85 million loan from the girls’ college to the boys’.  Days before, the joint Executive principal of the two schools resigned after taking leave since January. The leave followed an investigation into ‘inappropriate, intimidating and belittling’ behaviour. Parents point out the girl’s school made a profit of $700,000 in 2018 compared to $1,946,462 at the boy’s school.

As Deanne Carson pointed out, Teen Sex By The Book also more than once discusses homosexuality and paedophilia simultaneously. Deanne Carson describes that as “a common tactic used in smear campaigns.”

Deanne Carson describes Teen Sex By The Book as “very careful not to definitively recommend ‘reparative’ or conversion therapy.” However, the book also includes frequent “references to changing orientation, links to organisations that conduct conversion therapy and quoting of false statistics about its success.”

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