4 Effective Ways To Handle Tobacco Cravings

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Without a doubt, smoking still stands as one of the leading causes of premature death for many patients.

Some start smoking by using it as a coping mechanism, but there are also those who begin smoking as a choice.

Either way, not all smokers would expect to reach the point of being too dependent on nicotine such that letting go of it is too difficult.

Especially when you’ve just decided to quit smoking, it’s normal to feel some of the tension that comes along with letting go of cigarette smoke.

So, it’s wise to be guided with some of the best insights and tips to ensure you don’t crash back into your old habits.

It’s challenging at first, but soon enough, once your body gets used to not having any nicotine in your system, you’ll find it to be second nature such that you won’t even crave tobacco anymore.

To reach that point in your journey towards becoming smoke-free, you may want to be guided by these tips:

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Avoid Smoking Triggers

Smoking triggers are those items, occasions, or people in your life that tempt you to light tobacco. These triggers can vary from one smoker to another, so it’s up to you to be alert of what your personal trigger is.

By doing so, that awareness will enable you to successfully avoid those, so you don’t crash into the temptation again to smoke.

Some of the common triggers are drinking, hanging out with other LGBTQIA+ smoker friends, stress, coffee, and places that remind you of whatever stressful or emotionally challenging event in your life that led you to smoke.

Once you’ve made that decision to stop smoking tobacco, you may also want to throw away whatever smoking paraphernalia you have in your home like ashtrays and lighters. The absence of these in your home can help you overcome whatever urges you to smoke.

Try Out Cigarette Replacements

Cigarette replacements aren’t to be used regularly in place of cigarettes. Otherwise, you may have let go of your cigarette addiction, but you may develop a new addiction towards the replacement. When used correctly, however, cigarette or tobacco replacements may successfully help you handle your tobacco cravings. The key is to limit its use only on instances when the craving is so strong that you’re finding it hard to resist the urge to smoke.

There are many cigarette replacements you can choose from like nicotine vaping products from Smokefree clinic, but it’s always best to talk to your doctor about it. By doing so, you’re certain that you’re on the safe side and not adding any more potential health issues to your body.

Get Support

You don’t have to go through this journey towards becoming smoke-free alone. In fact, if you inform your family and LGBTQIA+ friends about this new goal of yours, you may even be able to win their support. This will also make it easier for you to let go of any old, negative influence of people in your life who may just lure you back to smoking again.

If you don’t have family and friends near you, you may even be able to find LGBTQIA+ support groups where you can foster open discussions about letting go of your tobacco cravings. These are very helpful, so you’ve got people to run to on days when letting go may just seem too overwhelming and challenging.

Delay Lighting A Cigar

The decision to stop smoking tobacco isn’t a change that happens in a blink of an eye. In fact, on your first day of letting go, you’ll still be smoking. It’s just the frequency that you’re reducing. Remember that it may also be dangerous and unhealthy for you to withdraw from cigarette smoking in an instant. Your body may go through withdrawal symptoms simply because you’re shocking your system by not having any entry of nicotine.

To make it easier on your part, it’s another good strategy to delay lighting a cigar. This means if you have the urge to smoke now, wait for at least ten minutes. Those ten minutes for every cigarette urge add up. Eventually, you can successfully let go of tobacco without putting too much pressure on your body to let go of it almost instantly.


Congratulations on your decision to stop smoking, but it doesn’t just end there. Now, you have to ensure you’re able to win against the tobacco cravings you may have. It’s not easy and it’s also uncomfortable. You have to take it easy on yourself and take it one step at a time. The tips above can give you that good start, so you can curb your tobacco cravings and eventually have a smoke-free life.

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