31st country in the world legalises same-sex marriage in landslide vote

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Chile has passed laws allowing same-sex marriage in the country in an overwhelming vote.

The legislation, approved by the Chilean parliament on Tuesday, also allows same-sex couples to adopt children.

This week Chile’s lower house of parliament passed the bill by 82 votes to 20, after the Senate also passed it by a wide margin.

Chile’s Social Development Minister Karla Rubilar said it was “historic day” and a “step forward in terms of justice [and] equality, recognising that love is love.”

In 2015, the Latin American country approved civil unions between same-sex couples, granting them some legal benefits.

However the country’s LGBTIQ community has pushed for full marriage equality for many years.

A same-sex marriage bill introduced by a previous president in 2017 stalled in the country’s parliament for years.

However conservative President Sebastián Piñera this year declared his support for same-sex marriage and vowed the progress the legislation.

“I think the time has come to guarantee that freedom and that dignity to all people. I think the time has come for marriage equality in our country,” he said in June.

“In this way, all people, without distinguishing by sexual orientation, will be able to live, love, and form a family with all the protection and dignity that they need and deserve.”

Piñera is now expected the sign the bill into law, making Chile the 31st country to legalise marriage equality, according to the Human Rights Campaign.

The legislation gives Chilean same-sex couples full spousal benefits, parental recognition and adoption rights.

‘Justice, equality and dignity’ for same-sex couples in Chile

LGBTIQ group MOVILH celebrated the country passing the same-sex marriage legislation.

“After centuries of abuse, the doors of justice, equality and dignity have opened to same sex couples,” the group tweeted.

In the region, Chile joins Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Uruguay in giving same-sex couples marriage rights, according to Human Rights Watch.

In Mexico, a majority of states have also passed same-sex marriage laws.

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  1. Paul Mitchell
    9 December 2021

    Well Done Chile! ✔️✔️✔️✔️

  2. Peter Turner
    9 December 2021

    Another one down!! How many more to go??

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