2022 Federal Election: winners and losers so far

Scott Morrison 2022 federal election

The bloodbath for the Liberal Party at the 2022 federal election proved Australia a more tolerant country than the government headed by Scott Morrison assumed.

Morrison now risks displacing Billy McMahon from his proud placement as the worst prime minister in Australian history.

The winners: Labor who will form government. But with a swing against them. The Greens and teal independents win massively with even Josh Frydenberg looking to lose his seat at this stage. The National Party and the buffoon that leads them also win with a stronger position in the coalition with the Liberals reduced seat count.

Scott Morrison and Katherine Deves: TOAST.

But also the so-called moderate Liberals.

The winners and losers in the 2022 federal election

Scott Morrison. Morrison loses the prime ministership and, unless hell freezes over, leadership of the Liberal Party. Probably, the next election we see in Australia will be a by-election for Morrison’s seat of Cook.

Katherine Deves. Enough said already on Ms Deves.

Tim Wilson. The Australian Parliament House famously offers among member facilities, a prayer room. Perhaps Tim Wilson MP needed to pray more.

Trevor Evans. Queensland’s first openly gay federal MP will lose Brisbane and be replaced by either Labor’s Madonna Jarrett or another openly gay man in the Greens’ Stephen Bates.

2022 Federal election Senate results

Counting in the senate traditionally takes longer than for the House of Reps. And everyone who voted knows how many candidates there were.

But in Queensland, the fight for the last position will prove entertaining. The LNP’s James McGrath and Matt Canavan along with Labor’s Murray Watt are assured of reelection. At this stage of the vote, the Greens’ Penny Allman-Payne and Labor’s Anthony Chisholm also seem likely to win spots.

But the last position is fought out between a veritable clown car cavalcade of conservatives. Pauline Hanson, Clive Palmer, Campbell Newman, Amanda Stoker, and George Christensen all want the spot. Because of Hanson’s preference deal with the Libs, she is likely to win.

Sky News will need to employ extra human resources staff to handle all the job applications coming in on Monday.

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  1. Anonymous
    22 May 2022

    Huge disappointment again as usual with Aussies robotic voting .

    • George R Infanti
      23 May 2022

      Oh yes, heaven help this country.

  2. Hari Shotham
    22 May 2022

    The day Scomo and his side-kick Fred started belittling China and worse still now daily fear warmongering China, they lost my 20 years support . For the first time in my 30+ years as an Australian citizen I felt race and colour was being used dangerously as a white policy regained liberal political momentum.

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