2015 SCANDINAVIAN FILM FESTIVAL 16-26 July at Palace Centro

Playing exclusively at Palace Centro Cinemas, the 2015 Scandinavian Film Festival promises to deliver the finest cinema from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. Screening from the 16th to the 26th of July, the festival looks to broaden the theatrical pallet of its patrons by offering the best dramas, comedies and thrillers the Nordic have to offer.

Opening night promises a riotous reaction with the premiere of ‘Here Is Harold’, a Norwegian road movie detailing one man’s plans to kidnap the founder of Swedish super-brand Ikea, Ingvar Kamprand. All would be well with this plan if Kamprand wasn’t so open to the idea of being abducted! Understated yet simultaneously off-the-wall, ‘Here Is Harold’ is the perfect opener to what will be a unique cinema experience.

Other Scandinavian Film Festival Highlights

Some of the other festival highlights include Finnish offering ‘The Grump’, an award-winning comedy that’s best sought out for fans of last year’s winner ‘The 100 Year-Old Man’. Starring as the titular ‘Grump’, Antti Litja delivers a masterful performance in a film that very much rides on its lead star who, thankfully, doesn’t create too much of an alienating character despite his many flaws and eccentricities. A feel good film that isn’t afraid to tug at the heartstrings, ‘The Grump’ is perfect viewing for those in need of something light and entertaining.

Also from Finland but changing tone drastically, ‘They Have Escaped’ is a dark, uncompromising thriller that was officially selected for inclusion at both the Venice International and Toronto Film Festivals. Reminiscent of the works of David Lynch, ‘They Have Escaped’ details the story of two young teenagers who befriend each other at a halfway house and plot to run off together, but this ill-fated romance turns to something far more sinister when they visit one of their childhood homes.

For something a little less harsh but equally as compelling and brooding, ‘Young Sophie Bell’ (pictured) from Sweden brings to mind such classic literature works as ‘The Virgin Suicides’, as it profiles two best friends, Sophie and Alice, and their intended travels to Berlin following high school graduation. When Alice mysteriously disappears it falls on Sophie to trace her steps through Berlin to uncover her whereabouts, her journey opening both her eyes and ours as the beauty and the horror of the city is uncovered. Winner of Best Film at the 2014 Stockholm Film Festival (and the second feature to come from the festival’s scholarship for female directors) ‘Young Sophie Bell’ is a stellar piece of filmmaking.

Once again handing Queensland audiences the unique opportunity to view international filmmaking in one convenient setting, the 2015 Scandinavian Film Festival is a must-attend event for those who appreciate cinema on a vast scale. For more information on the Scandinavian Film Festival or to purchase tickets, please visit www.palacecinemas.com.au.

All films screen with English subtitles


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