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Viva Italia! Running from the 1st to the 18th of October, Palace Cinemas will once again play host to the annual Italian Film Festival. Once again, the event showcases some of the most beautiful cinema Italy has to offer.

Firstly, check out Oscar winning ‘God Willing’, a fresh and elegant slice of hilarity.  Then, the Classic ‘The Conformist’, Bernardo Bertolucci’s Oscar-nominated political thriller re-appears in a digitally restored version.


With more than 30 titles to enjoy, the Italian Film Festival has no shortage of films. Cinema goers can experience the finest Italian titles on offer.


For those craving some thrills, ‘Perez’, is the perfect starter with its gritty look at the underbelly of organised crime.

Starring Italian Golden Globe winner Luca Zingaretti as the titular character, the film promises to captivate.  It details the life of a tough prosecutor. When his daughter falls for the son of a Mafioso, he tweaks his moral code. As a result he becomes as corrupt as the criminals he prosecutes.

The Dinner

The psychological drama ‘The Dinner’ stands as one of t his year’s best offerings. It explores how tragedy can bring forth the hidden character of those you think you know best. Perfect for those after entertainment and a challenge.

Two brothers sit down to dinner with their respective wives. Then, they discover the possible involvement of their children in a recent act of brutal criminality. As a result, we see the awakening of deep-seated jealousy and hidden hatred in the siblings.

The Legendary Giulia

For something lighter ‘The Legendary Giulia’ is a  smart option. It offers escapism for anyone thinking the Italian countryside seems like a safe place to run free.  Thank again!

Three men go through a mid-life crisis.  Amidst a mob dominated area, the trio start a bed and breakfast. It all comes together in simple laugh-out-loud set-pieces.

Latin Lover

These sublime titles are just the tip of what the festival has to offer. Mid-festival sees a screening of ‘Latin Lover’, a charming comedy. It follows the daughters of a legendary ladies man from five separate relationships. They come together on the anniversary of his death to piece together the life of the man they only knew as an icon in the entertainment industry.

For more information on prices and ticketing please visit italianfilmfestival.com.au.

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