PFLAG National Spokesperson Shelley Argent will be in Canberra this month to hand deliver the letters of the countless number of Australians who have written to our national leaders asking for marriage equality.

Argent says almost two million emails sent in support of marriage equality were brushed aside, however, she believes that they can no longer be ignored if she is there to personally deliver them to every MP and senator.

“When visiting MP’s in Canberra I am always told that very few people in favour of marriage equality ever make contact or write about the need for support about this issue that directly and indirectly affects millions of Australians,” Argent said. “So please help me to send the message that you do care and you want equality for yourself, a loved one or because you just believe in equality.”

“We need this campaign because a couple of weeks ago, the equivalent of 2 million emails was sent and ignored by Federal MP’s and Senators. However, Tony Abbott and the Coalition Government cannot ignore hand-delivered letters. This is a simple cost-free way to send a message to Mr Abbott that it’s time for equality for loved ones in his family and yours.

If you would like to have your voice to be included, then there is still time. Argent is seeking all people who believe in marriage equality to email her their letter to pflagbris@bigpond.com so that she can deliver it to Canberra.

Letters don’t need to be long, two paragraphs are enough. Below is an example


[insert name of your MP],
Member for [insert electorate here]

[insert date here]

Dear [insert name of your MP],

I am writing to you about the need for a Free Vote and for you to then vote favourably about the issue of marriage equality. Marriage equality is important to me/ our family because [select an applicable reason from below, then add a few details about why this is important to you].

  • I am gay/lesbian and…
  • My son/daughter is in a same-sex relationship and…
  • My friend…
  • A loved one is…
  • I just believe in equality because…


[you may also like to include some information (relating to one of these topics), as to why marriage equality is important to you]

A small example of possible reasons:

  • About family inclusion
  • An issue of equality
  • Legal rights
  • Instant recognition of the relationship
  • Relationships are not second rate
  • My loved one is equal in our family
  • It is about having choices/or the right to decide if I want to marry



[insert your name]
[insert your address – or street/suburb here – to show you are a member of the electorate]


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