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black rainbow Dameyon Bonson

Dameyon Bonson, a proud gay Indigenous man, created the Black Rainbow Facebook page two months ago. It now boasts over 3,000 followers.

The page’s mission is to showcase the diverse experiences and talents within Australia’s Indigenous community, especially among those who identify as LGBTI and sistergirl or brotherboy.

Inspired by an open letter responding to homophobic comments, Dameyon Bonson established the page to highlight the contributions of Black Rainbow people.

His goal isn’t popularity but accessibility to valuable information. The page provides resources beyond Australian-Aboriginal specifics, contributing to cultural preservation.

Living in Broome

Dameyon’s heritage includes the Mangarai nation and Mau-biag Island. He aims to challenge stereotypes and improve healthcare access for Aboriginal men.

He plans to speak on supporting young gay Aboriginal males in remote communities and address homophobia in such areas.

Hiss busy schedule includes panel discussions on human rights and mental health conferences in Darwin and Sydney.

Dameyon envisions a national wellness conference for Black Rainbow people, emphasizing social and emotional well-being, not just HIV or AIDS.

Two significant experiences shaped Bonson’s activism: attending a conference in Canada and his father’s dedication to preserving their culture.

Therefore, his journey and commitment reflect a growing community of Indigenous academics seeking change and understanding.

“Only in my adult years do I reflect on how important that was to shape my understanding of what it is to be an Aboriginal person. My father died nine years ago so angry, and now I know why. Every day, he was fighting racism. He was out there marching for land rights in the 1970s and 80s.

“Now, in the 2000s, in the new millennium or whatever we call it, there are a lot more of us who are academics or are becoming academics. We know a lot more now, and we’re learning the ways of the system.”

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