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Service with a smile, but gay waiter gets vitriolic “tip” from diners



When a waiter went to pick up the check after a so-called Christian couple completed their meal he found, in lieu of a tip, a vitriolic message.

It began on a complimentary note: “Thank you for your service, it was excellent.”

Unfortunately, that was just the “tip” of the iceberg.

Kansas City KMBC TV found out about the incident on Facebook where customers of Carrabba's Italian Grill are rallying in support of the waiter.

The message, written on the back of the credit card receipt, continued: “That being said, we cannot in good conscience tip you, for your homosexual lifestyle is an affront to GOD.

Queers do not share in the wealth of GOD, and you will not share in ours.

We hope you will see the tip your fag choices made you lose out on, and plan accordingly.

It is never too late for GOD's love but none shall be spared for fags.

May GOD have mercy on you.”

The waiter has seemingly taken it in his stride.

The offers to help pay me back are much appreciated, but not at all needed,” he said.

I'd prefer to let my work ethic and my service do the talking, nothing else.”

Shoppers spoken to by KMBC were less understanding, Will Rogers describing the act as despicable.

It's not different from saying I'm not tipping you because you're black, or a Jew, or anything like that,” he said.

In this day and age, being gay, it's not really any cause for a fuss.”

Charles Ferrozza blogged on The Pitch: “I wish a brave Carrabba's manager had been on hand to toss the bigoted couple's self-righteous asses out into the parking lot.”

It is not the first time this year that a self-proclaimed Christian has used faith as an excuse not to leave a tip.

In January, a waiter at an Applebee's outpost was given, instead of a tip, an admonition from a female minister.

She wrote on the receipt: “I give God 10 per cent. Why do you get 18?”



Those people make me dare they call themselves Christian when it is obvious they are anything but...hate mongering ego-centric shells of human beings...Thank God people are finally waking up to this filth!

So sorry this happened to you!

Let me start out by saying, that I am a Christian. That being said- I believe that all Christians need to stand against the sort of behavior that this couple showed you. Just because being a Christian means that we think it's wrong to be gay, or bi-sexual, it doesnt mean you should be treated as any less of a human being! Disrespecting someone is a sin just as much as being gay (in our eyes) is a sin. I think this couple forgot that we ALL fall short of the glory of God- including them! No one is perfect!!! I may not stand up and say that being gay is right... but not treating EVERYONE in this world with respect and LOVE is WRONG! and that never should have happened to you! I am NO better than you, and neither are the couple who did this. Please don't let this taint your view of all Christ followers... Jesus' 12 deciples had been liars, murderers,  and slanderers, before they met him and messed up afterward too and he still chose them! They were his closest buds! I am a liar- the bible tells me this is wrong, but i slip up and still do it sometimes- No one is perfect, and sometimes Christians can be some of the MOST imperfect. I am sorry that this experience with a christian couple will probably be the one you remember. I wish i had the chance to give you a better experience!  - Alley


Matt 5: 21, 22

What I'm wondering is how

What I'm wondering is how they became so SURE he was gay.  Gaydar is NOT perfect, nor is effiminate affect necessarily "proof" that a person is gay.  And What a shame that women/lesbians are held to a different standard.


I'm sick and tired of people using their religion as an excuse to be cheap assholes. There are also plenty of Christians who know that bigotry doesn't have to be a part of their philosophy.

No tip for you!

Guess now we know where the Westboro Baptist Church eats when they are in town.

Don't worry

God saw....


"For as you have done to the least of these..."





How did this Christian couple know he was gay?  Did they ask him, or see him having homosexual sex right there in the restaurant?   Hmmmm, for all intents and purposes, this couple just 'decided' that he was gay.  Losers.

my apologizes

Can I just I disagree with the "christians" couple they should have tipped him plus they should not have used any negative comments when writing the note to him. I am a Christian & I think many christians forget the biggest commandment is to love, Also all sin is eqaul in Gods eyes/ we are all sinners..

If they wanted to help him they could have simply said that God loves him, they are prayign for him , invite him to thier church..

What can I say except this behavior is far from Christianlike!

As a Reverand and Christian Pastor for the people, this behavior is deplorable and not "Christian" in any way. Did we forget we're not supposed to nor is it our place to judge but stead to love our neighbors as Christ loves us?  Sickening to say the least. I'm ashamed to call these folks fellow Christians!

Bigoted twit

It's hard to believe that people like this still exist.  Shame on him!  Why are other people's lifestyles any of his concern, and why does he feel competent to know what God's opinion is?  It's sad, but be happy you don't live next door to this clown.

It's always the so called

It's always the so called Christians that are the biggest hate mongering hypocrites

Because I'm real and God is

Because I'm real and God is imaginary?

The Tipping Battleground

What does it say about our society that tipping is the new battleground for race, religion, and sexual orientation? And, where are my breadsticks?

so called christians

"Give what is caesar's to caesar, and what is god's to god."

so stop giving god your money, he doesnt want it, give it to your server.

and stop speaking for god, if he has anything to tell his children, he doesnt need you doing it for him.

I am a Christian These people are NOT

I am a Christian and the people who left this note clearly do not understand the meaning of Christianity.  We are to be Christ like and The Christ I know would NEVER ever do this.


never happened.


Bring on the lions as I have my fill of so called christians !


another bogus report of a faked receipt.

Amazing how

Amazing how self righteous "christians" use god and their religion to justify being cheap bastards! Perhaps they should simply stay home and pray. Going out into the real world with expectations that everyone is going to be just like them is fairly unrealistic


Just another example of "God's Love" being perverted by So-Called "Christian" Bigots.

On the note of the manager tossing them out

If they were quiet the whole time, then left right after writing it.  It would be pointless to help them exit in the same direction they're already leaving in.


Sad but nothing new.  I used to work as a waiter for a couple years and Christian families seem to be the worst.  I once waited on a local Christian leader, he has his own TV channel and some sort of foundation.  Anyway, I gave great service to both him and his wife.  I actually went above and beyond because I knew who they were...  but alas, no tip.  At least I didn't get a hateful note, I guess it could have been worse.

Despicable couple

This despicable couple are quite audacious to throw the word "God" around and then spew their hate and prejudice.  There's not a christian bone in their collective bodies.  You two are the ones who will NEVER share in the wealth of God or the wealth of humanity.  If you were true christians, you would act like it.  You two are in for a shock when you reap the consequences of your disgusting and hate-filled actions.  You should take a cue from the waiter on how to behave.  Unlike you, he is a class act.  From this story,  I would much rather be gay than a christian.


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