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A SLiDE SHOW OF TEEN DRAMA - Meet Brenton Thwaites.

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  • August 16th 2011
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Brenton Thwaites

Brenton Thwaites

QNews meets Brenton Thwaites

Brenton Thwaites is going to be a star. He’s hot, fit (he did chin-ups before our interview commenced), he’s down to earth and he can certainly act, scoring a central role in Foxtel’s sizzling new 10-part Brissie series, SLiDE. He’s had a small role in the latest Sea Patrol season and also scoring an upcoming stint in Home & Away whilst awaiting word of a second season, should we love the first. Having met Cairns born, QUT graduate Brenton a number of times and seen him work on set, his personality and ethics shine through. Hopefully we won’t see him tending bar around town anymore.

SLiDE: It's hot, it's new and it's local - can you briefly outline the premise for our readers?

The basis is that it's a group of teens who sort of meet in the first episode and the rest is about their journeys and supporting each other... They're kinda like urban terrorists skating their way through Brisbane and it's a coming of age story for seventeen year olds.

One of the aspects I noticed is the authenticity of the language, the themes and issues explored – was this important to you?

Yeah, of course, these are all issues that we've grown up with. It's an Aussie show; it's a Queensland show... A lot of the characters I've known someone like that... The way they talk and their urban language we all kinda knew - it's relevant for teenagers... We're not going back three hundred years, we're amongst it now and it's to our advantage.

Can you breakdown each of the five main characters for me?

Luke – He stands back a bit. He watches. He's struggling with family issues. He's drawn in as it was a chance to find better friends and an opportunity to be part of a group. He's a cool, accepted kid. Some friends he can love and help him mature.

Scarlett – She's moved to Brisbane from Melbourne and her journey is all about fitting in with friends, and finding the group. Each of the characters bring the group. Her character has the party where we all meet.

Eva – She's the cool, artistic type and she and Luke knew each other beforehand. She doesn't give a stuff. She feels comfortable and she's allowed to be herself and express herself.

Ed and Tammy – They've known each other since they were small children and they've got this love thing / virginity pact. Those two always create tension and release tension in the group. A Luke and Tammy thing develops later. It's happened with me and so many girls before - you're best friends with someone and don't know if you want to take the next step and if you should. That's what SLiDE is about, it explores things about you and your personality.

What was it like working with established actors like Ben Oxenbold and Kimberley Davies?

Yeah man, Ben was the best, I didn't work with Kim much, but I remember asking him about relaxing and when you're nervous. He was open and a really awesome dude. One of those guys you wish you could get to where they are, he was relaxed on set and knew what he was doing and he was really friendly.

One of the high points is all the locations and the fact it's not filmed in studios, how did this enhance the experience?

Totally man, I loved it. Every day we were going places... I thought I knew Brisbane but every day was totally different. I haven't really worked on anything besides Sea Patrol and most of that was shot on location. I'm also kinda working on Home & Away and a lot of that's shot in studios so I am appreciating SLiDE so much more... Bogga Road jail was MAD! It was one of the best places to shoot. Luke and Eva's houses in Sherwood – beautiful. The New Farm stuff was cool. The Laundromat was one of the best. The stuff in Family was fun; the music was pumping, it was hard to remember that they were all extras when everyone was going wild.

Why do you believe our audience should tune in?

It's new and it's fresh. It's Australian. It's easy to say SLiDE is like Skins, but that's bullshit. It relates to everyone. My Mum loves it, and everyone I've shown adores it. You see the bridge and you're like "That's the bridge" and it's the same everywhere. Things are  shot in Sydney and Melbourne all the time so it's something for us!


You can catch SLiDE, Tuesdays  at 7:30 on FOX8


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Sexy thing !!

Omg I would do any thing to meet him or talk to him in real life that is my dream I always wished he will call me or talk to me I love him so much he is fuckin sexy


i want to meet you! xo

So HOT! ;)

So I'm from NZ and I love SLiDE! Hope it actually comes here :D he is so talented and attractive!


oh he is so hot xx

SO HOT! i wanna marry him <3

SO HOT! i wanna marry him <3



i agree! Very talented :)

Ha! and an awesome smile :P


I love slide as I'm a Brisbane city person myself, ahh saw the 1st ep. AMAZING <3

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